Harry James Potter (curse_scar) wrote in act3_rpg,
Harry James Potter

Who: Harry & Ginny
When: 23rd of December [backdated]
Where: Potter's home
Why: Passing on the good news

After talking to James, Harry headed back downstairs into the kitchen, stretching his arms over his head and then heading over to kettle to fill it up with some water and make himself a hot tea. While the water was boiling he looked out of the window for a moment, smiling as he saw the snow falling outside. It wasn't every year that it was snowing during Christmas, and it made everything even more special in some kind of way.

Letting out a soft sigh, he put the tea bag into a mug and then filled it with the boiling water. Noticing that he had left the plate of cookies in James's room he headed over to the shelf to search for some more, to make himself a new plate.
Tags: ginny potter, harry potter
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