Teddy Remus Lupin (teddy_moon) wrote in act3_rpg,
Teddy Remus Lupin

Who: Teddy & Renata
Where: The wolves den
Why: Teddy needs some attention
When: 25th of December

It had been some days now since Teddy had been at the new pack's place, but still he couldn't help but feel slightly out of place. He was missing things that were making him feel completely at home, like that in his room that there were no pictures or anything that would help him regain his memory, and the more time passed by the less did he have the hope that he would ever get his memory back. So instead he tried his hardest to get used to the new situation and get accustomed to it.

Only slowly he managed to befriend the other werewolves, but even now as the morning of the 25th arrived he couldn't get himself to go downstairs and join everyone. So he had waited until he was sure everything had gotten more quiet, he slowly dared out of the room and headed downstairs into the kitchen to get himself something small for a late breakfast.
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Although she had been a few rooms away from him she could hear him stirring as well as the sound of his footfalls on the their way toward the kitchen. Renata smiled, glad that Teddy was now curious about his new surroundings and deciding to explore when the urgers of hunger began to take its toll on him. Leaning against the frame leading into the kitchen she watched him, taking in his body language, his form, "How are you fairing?" she asked with a smile.
Teddy hadn't noticed Renata until he suddenly heard her talking to him, looking over to her with a small smile and then filling a mug with hot water to make himself some tea. "Alright I guess.. and the bruise is nearly gone," he replied, reaching up to touch his forehead where the horrible bruise had been and then once more smiling at her.

"Shouldn't you be with everyone else? It's Christmas," he asked curiously, heading over to the fridge to find himself something to eat.
"Yes I should be," she gave him a slight nod and smile then approached him slowly her hands behind her back, "but you should be there too, you're part of our family now," Renata smiled and watched him warm the water for some tea, "You have presents waiting for you too I hope you know."
"I know," Teddy replied with a small shrug, not looking at Renata. He felt out of place with the other werewolves, as if he didn't belong there. Then he always felt watched for some kind of reason, that everyone was waiting for him to do something and he had no idea what was supposed to be expected of him. "I didn't think..." he started but then stopped himself, truthfully not having that someone would have gotten anything for him.
"What?" she asked in a hushed whisper, her nose lightly flared and took in his scent, "What is it? You can tell me,"
"I don't know, I just feel kind of out of place here," Teddy replied earnestly. Taking himself some toast and ham from the fridge, he started to make himself a sandwich. Once he had done that he reached out to pull the tea bag out of the mug, chucking it into the bin and filling the mug up with milk.
"You shouldn't be though," she said gently and placed one hand on his shoulder, "You're among us your family, this is where you belong," she tried so much to convince him and pressed her body gently against his back in a warm snuggle.
"I know," Teddy replied quietly, wrapping both of his hands around the mug and lifting it up to his lips to take a sip from it. He let out a small sigh, closing his eyes for a moment, a smile finding it's way on his lips as he felt Renata lean up against his back. She had been one of the only people he had really felt comfortable around, not really minding right now how close she was to him. "It will get better," he added with a small chuckle.
She adored hearing him laugh, there was real emotion into it, he never hid anything from her. "Do you honestly mean that? Will I see you smile more? Will you be content here?" Renata asked resting her cheek against his back and she felt how warm he was. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it.
"I will try my best I promise," Teddy replied seriously, smiling as he felt her cheek against his back. He reached back behind him to thread his fingers through her hair and stroke gently through it. It felt so natural being with her, and right now it brought a large source of comfort for him. "It's snowing..." he murmured after a while as he looked out of the window.
Renata grinned at his mentioning the snow, "Did you want to play in it?" she asked in a sly tone and near growled with comfort at his touch on her hair, "We always have big snow wars, it all starts when the first heap of snow is thrown at a member of the pack. Want to play? You can start first."
Reaching out for his sandwich, Teddy took a bite and then looked thoughtful for a moment. A small grin slowly grew along his face and he bit his lower lip a little in nervousness. He still didn't get along that well with the other werewolves, and he didn't know how they would react if he started something like that. "I'd love too," he finally said with a small grin.
"Alright then Teddy Bear, you hurry up and eat that sandwich then I'll see you outside," she was now in that playful mood and even smacked his butt just a little right before she left and headed outside to feel the cool crip morning air, the snow crunched under her feet making tracks.
"Teddy bear?" Teddy mumbled to Renata's retreating back, and then let out a small chuckle. Shaking his head a little he wolfed down his sandwich, and quickly drank up his tea. Rubbing his stomach a little, he headed for the hallway, pulling on his jacket and shoes before heading outside into the snow. He closed his eyes for a moment in bliss and then went over to where Renata was.
She was gathering a pile of snow and making all sizes of snow balls some feet away from the den, apart from the cold fresh snow she could smell Teddy coming and looked up at him with a tiny smile. Her cheeks were rosy as well as the tip of her nose, "Glad you could joing me," she greeted and picked up more snow forming it into a ball, "Come on you can help build the fort."
Teddy returned the smile with one of his own and headed over to Renata, smiling as he saw her already building the fort. "I said I would," Teddy said with a small chuckle and then moved to stand next to her, starting to help her to build the fort. "I am not going to suddenly back out on my words," he added softly.
Flicking some snow at him she smiled, "Yeah, yeah less talking more working," she teased and glanced at him over her shoulder with a smile before setting back to work. The full moon was next week a pity for she long to feel the snow on her fur.
Sticking his tongue out at Renata, he flicked some snow at her in return and then concentrated on building the fort. He wondered for a moment how the full moon was going to be like, and what it would be like to transform with so many other people. But he was also a little nervous about it, not yet really understanding the concept of it, but something in the back of his mind kept telling him that it was going to be alright and that it would be as natural as taking of his clothes. So he tried to stay calm about it, and adapt to everyone around him.
When he flicked snow back at her she smirked and dove at his back sticking a handful of snow into the back of his jumper laughing while she clung onto him.
Teddy had been rather distracted as he suddenly felt snow touching his skin right at his back. He cried out in surprise, his whole body growing stiff and then a loud laugh escaped his lips. "You know how cold that stuff is?!" he asked as he tried to somehow lift his shirt and jumper and shake the snow off.