Harry James Potter (curse_scar) wrote in act3_rpg,
Harry James Potter

Who: Harry, Hermione and Ron (if he wants to)
Where: Harry's office at the Ministry
When: Backdated 2nd of January
Why: Needing to discuss the werewolf threat

Ever since Harry had gotten the notice of Teddy's death everything had seemed to be rather unimportant for Harry. He hadn't been able to sleep well ever since, let alone eat a lot. The celebration for the new year had been weighed down by Teddy's death, and while Harry had hoped it would be getting easier the pain of loosing Teddy only seemed to be getting worst.

So for Harry the letter was something he actually looked forward to as distraction. It kept him from thinking too much. So this morning he had his coffee, a quick shower and then headed straight for the Ministry. He was dressed completely in black, and his eyes were redrimmed, glaring at everyone who only tried to talk to him on his way to his office, simply not wanting to deal with anyone else right now.
Tags: harry potter, hermione weasley, ron weasley
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