Katlynn Bell (cantchaserkatie) wrote in act3_rpg,
Katlynn Bell

Who: Katie and Seamus
What: Trying to explain to the other one how they feel
When: Thursday Night (Dec 17th)
Where: Mungo's
Status: Incomplete (started in AIM)

Katie was laying in the one bed in Mungo's though really she didn't understand why she had to still be here. Her leg was fine and she just wanted to go home. She was worried about Seamus and only hoped he was okay, her mind worried about Hugo for Ron's sake as well. She sighed and yelled for a nurse, though no one seem to be around.

As Seamus walked into the ward he heard Katie call out. At least she was awake, that's always a good thing, he thought as he walked down the ward to where she was lying in a bed. His nose was still slightly swollen, but the pain (that had instantly hit him the moment the adrenalin of the fight wore off) had subsided. When he reached the end of her bed he gave her a big grin, "So what's wrong with you then? Because you look perfectly fine to me," he teased, although performing a quick check that she had all her fingers, toes and limbs.

 "I am fine, just a broken leg. Which is fixed now." She sighed and smiled seeing him standing there. "You're nose looks terrible thought sweetie." She didn't like seeing him in pain and really that's what it looked like.

 "Gee thanks, babe," he grinned and walked around to give her a kiss.

"It's the truth, I am just being honest." she smiled and kissed him back. "How are you though?" She asked wanting to make sure he was really okay.

 "Ah, you know me, I'm a big strong man. I'm fine," he said as he sat down on the chair beside her bed. "How are you, really? And how was the rest of your group?"

 "I am doing good, really. Oliver gotten attack after protecting Percy. It was crazy, we were attack so quickly." She looked at Seamus, "I was so worried about you." She sighed shaking her head.

 Seamus was concerned to hear that one of them were attacked. But was glad it wasn't Katie. "You needn't have worried. I'm a big grown up. And apart from being a terrible cook, I am pretty good at looking after myself." He was still reluctant to admit that he had been worried about her, but his face let him down and showed what he was unable to say.

 Katie smiled and shook her head, "I know all that, but I still worry, you mean a lot to me now Seamus and I don't want to lose you." She admit and wanted to tell him more, but didn't know how to say it. "What's wrong?" She seen that he was worried about her.

 "Nothing, I'm just glad you're alright now," he smiled and lent forward to kiss her again.

When he kissed her and she looked into his eyes, "Seamus, I was scared I was going to lose you. I want to tell you something.." She sighed and felt herself getting ready to cry.
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