Harry James Potter (curse_scar) wrote in act3_rpg,
Harry James Potter

Who: James and Harry
Where: Potter household
When: Wednesday in the late afternoon
Why: He just wants to hug his kid silly XD

After what Harry had heard from Ginny and what he guessed that his son then had to go through a talk with his uncle, Harry couldn't help but feel a little worried for his son. So after giving James some time for himself, Harry arranged a small plate filled with cookies that had been baked freshly the day before and headed up to his son's room. He was sure that his son was going to be too happy to see him right now, but he had to check on him.

"James..." he asked softly as he knocked on the door. "Can I come in? I've got something to eat to," he added, waiting for James to let him in, and not just wanting to storm in.
Tags: harry potter, james potter
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