Harry James Potter (curse_scar) wrote in act3_rpg,
Harry James Potter

Who: Harry & Whoever wants to join him
Where: Muggle London
When: Tuesday, 29th December during the evening
Why: He needed to get out of the office

Harry couldn't sit at his office anymore, he needed to stretch his legs and some time alone. After telling Ron that they should call it a day and that the man should head home to his family, Harry had gone to change into his muggle clothes and had apparated in a side street of the area where Teddy went to University. With a picture in his pocket, he went from one public place to another, asking people if they had seen Teddy and if yes when the last time it had been.

After some time Harry felt himself growing frustrated when nothing seemed to be going forward, feeling like tearing the hair out of his head. Knowing that he couldn't go home like this, he ended up apparating to his usual pub and went aside, sitting down at the bar and ordering himself a beer. People knew to keep him alone here, especially when he was this moody, and Harry hoped that he would be able to clear his head a little for now.
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