Harry James Potter (curse_scar) wrote in act3_rpg,
Harry James Potter

Who: Harry, Hermione and Ron (if he wants to)
Where: Harry's office at the Ministry
When: Backdated 2nd of January
Why: Needing to discuss the werewolf threat

Ever since Harry had gotten the notice of Teddy's death everything had seemed to be rather unimportant for Harry. He hadn't been able to sleep well ever since, let alone eat a lot. The celebration for the new year had been weighed down by Teddy's death, and while Harry had hoped it would be getting easier the pain of loosing Teddy only seemed to be getting worst.

So for Harry the letter was something he actually looked forward to as distraction. It kept him from thinking too much. So this morning he had his coffee, a quick shower and then headed straight for the Ministry. He was dressed completely in black, and his eyes were redrimmed, glaring at everyone who only tried to talk to him on his way to his office, simply not wanting to deal with anyone else right now.
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Hermione had had a rough go with it since learning of Teddy's death, and she had cried and cried. The kids were upset, plus now there was this new letter with the werewolf threat. She had left Ron a note telling him where she had went, and currently Hugo was with her parents again, they had came up to stay with him while Hermione went off to see Harry.

He told me this would happen, she told herself as she made her way to the ministry, and now she was really seeing it. She finally made her way to his office, not worrying about those she passed as she went and headed to his office. She saw Harry and she walked up to him. "Harry," she tapped him on the shoulder.
Ron had been out doing some things before the match that afternoon and had gone right to the fireplace when he saw the note from Hermione upon getting home. He'd told the kids they'd be back in time for the match and that he just had to take care of something real quick then flooed to the Ministry and made his way to the Auror's office, "What's up?" He asked, upon entering Harry's office to find his best friend and his wife.
"Hey," Harry said quietly as he felt the tap on his shoulder, glad that Hermione had come. She didn't look much better then he felt right now, and hoped that the kids were doing alright. Teddy had been family for everyone, so it was only expected that everyone else was having a rough time as well.

"Hey Ron," he said as the other man entered his office as well, motioning for Ron to close the door behind him, and then moved to sit down on the edge of his table and crossed his arms over his chest. He let his head hang against his chest for a moment and then looked back up at both of his friends.

"What do the two of you think we should do?" he asked, wanting to hear their opinions first.
Hermione looked at Ron and gave him a week smile before they entered the office. She took a seat in one of the chairs and then looked at Harry and Ron and pushed her hair off of her shoulder as she sat there.

"He said this would happen," she said as she looked at them, and bit her lip. "I don't know what we should do, I mean if you really look at it, some of those things are valid points." she admitted, as she sat there. "I never considered Lupin a halfbreed nor Teddy." she said as she sat there. "But I don't like the threatening that he's done with killing a muggle and a wizard." she rubbed her forehead. She then realized that she rambled for a few moments and took a second to recollect her thoughts. "I think there should be changes, and the potion should be made available to those who can't afford it." she said simply. That's what Teddy had said, what he had told her a while back.
Harry couldn't help but look up a little in surprise at what Hermione said at first, feeling a small frown appear on his face. He felt even worst for not listening to Teddy in the first place, and wondered if this could have maybe have all been stopped if they had talked more often. He quickly shook the thoughts off, knowing that it was no use to dwell too much on it, not when they had more important things at hand.

"I agree that we should do some changes, but I think the best would be to able to sit with whoever communicated with us, and make sure that we can agree on terms that will satisfy both sides," he said seriously, moving stand up a little bit more straight.

"Not that I agree wholeheartedly, but agreeing to go through with this would mean a lot of problems with everyone else. I don't want the whole world to suddenly go against werewolves and start up some kind of new war," he added.
"I think that we should bring this to Kingsley's attention too." Ron said, glancing between Harry and Hermione, "He is the Minister after all and any changes to any laws would go through him anyway." He assumed that Kingsley hadn't recieved an owl, otherwise he would have been there too as well as the rest of the Ministry.
"I agree with what you're saying, Ron and Harry." Hermione nodded her head, and then pinched the bridge of her nose for a moment and then she took a deep slow breath. "We need to act swiftly though because I don't want to lose anyone else." she spoke and then looked down as she sat there. How would we communicate with him?" Him meaning the person who wrote the letter. "Ideas?"
"Yes of course, Kingsley is probably not here today so we'd have to owl him," Harry replied seriously, lifting himself up a little so that he could sit down properly on his table. "I guess either by trying to go through the journals, wouldn't be surprised if they had those as well, or putting up an article in the daily prophet," he replied seriously, looking away at the pile on his desk for a moment. This would have been the point where Teddy could have helped them and the thought stung in his chest.

"Or we'd have to go looking for him.. but searching the whole country is like searching a pin in a hay stack," he muttered.