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act3_rpg's Journal

Act 3 ~ A 3rd Gen Harry Potter RPG
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Harry Potter RPG

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For almost three decades Lord Voldemort threatened the Wizarding World and Muggle World alike. He went from being one of the most powerful Dark Lords ever to almost being defeated by a baby before rising once again. He spent much of his time recruiting the other races to assist him in the destruction of the Wizarding World. Harry Potter and his friends put a kink in his plan however and defeated him, saving their world.

Or so they thought.

With the absence of Voldemort, some of the other races have been biding their time, building their own armies so as to rise up and declare wars of their own. Will the Wizarding World be ready for another attack? Will an unfamiliar foe succeed where Voldemort failed? Only time will tell….

The year is 2019, it's been twenty-one years since the Battle of Hogwarts when Harry Potter defeated The Dark Lord. Life has gone back to normal for the survivors; if being a Wizard was normal to begin with. But then again has life really gone back to normal for everyone? The Trio and their friends have children of their own now. Have they taken after their parents? Are they the complete opposite? It's now their turn to create their own stories.

This is a Third Generation, Canon based game. It picks up two years after the Deathly Hallows Epilogue. Didn't like the Epilogue? That's ok, neither did I, but here's your chance to create your own Epilogue.